How can I contact you? 
I'd love to share more info or schedule a session with you! Please email me at
or give me a call at {860} 839-1999

How do I book a session? 
If you have perused my website and love what you see, feel free to go ahead and complete this questionnaire to start the process. After you submit your questionnaire, I'll email you the invoice for the session you want along with the first available date according to the scheduling information you gave me. Once your session fee invoice is paid, your session date is reserved. Then, we can move on to the fun stuff... discussing location options for the session, wardrobe, your hopes & ideas.

When should I book my session? 
Please try to book your session at least 1 month in advance. My busy season is June through November. If you would like a session during that time, please contact me as soon as possible. Sessions are on a first come, first serve basis. Sadly, I am not able to book all session requests because my sessions sell out.

Do you travel outside of Connecticut? 
Yes. Additional travel rates apply. Please contact me for details. 

Do you sell the digital images? 
I do sell digital images from your gallery for personal printing. This is priced separate from the session fee. All prints, images, and other products are sold separately after you have had time to preview your gallery online. Many new photographers simply sell the digital images but what I love to offer are the heirloom quality products such as large prints, canvases and luxury albums. I'd definitely say that most of my clients are primarily interested in heirloom artwork.

I know your specialty is on-location outdoor photography, what do you do if the weather forecast looks bad?
We will be in contact two days before your session to talk about any last minute details and the weather. I look at the hourly forecast on to see what our chances are of going ahead with the session. If the weather is questionable, I will contact you to reschedule at your earliest convenience or possibly just arrange our session for the same day but for a block of time that looks clear. I tend to think positive and move ahead with sessions. I've learned in my years of scheduling experience to make the right call and work with all types of natural lighting.

What is the goal of the session, what will I get as a result?
The goal is to spend the session time capturing you at your very best so that you have stunning images in your gallery, each a work of art. Not only for one picture to frame and submit to the yearbook, but a variety of images that represent your personality for an album or collage as a keepsake of this thrilling time of life. This means we have spent time selecting the location that compliments your personality, you have selected clothing and accessories that you will love to look back on and remember as your ideal style one day. I will take lots of pictures of you and with my keen eye pick out the very best ones for you to see. It may feel like you are in a magazine photo shoot because it’s not your typical “sit here turn your head just so” school portrait. We’ll do a variety of poses, head shots, you sitting, laying down, standing or twirling. We’ll meet somewhere really picturesque, possibly a field, park, beach or a more urban area with walls and doors as a cool textured background. We’ll chat and laugh and you’ll feel silly pretending to be a model but that is okay because I am used to people feeling silly around me, it’s all in a day’s fun.

Do seniors still trade wallets?
They do not. However, there is a fun product that has replaced wallets. You can purchase your very own custom album app of all of the images in your gallery. These are fun because you can share the link with anyone who has a smartphone or tablet and they can have all of your favorites right on an app!  So convenient!

When do I get to see my pictures?
I know the waiting is hard, so I do my best to post your images into your own online password protected gallery as soon as possible. After uploading all of the pictures I took of you  I go through each one and pick out the very best images (in other words: you look awesome, the lighting is just right, etc.).  Oh and yes, I do edit out pimples. I make sure you have a nice selection of head shots, and a variety of other shots and I upload your watermarked images to your very own password protected gallery. Once it’s up, (usually about a week or two after your session) I will email you your gallery link and password for you to check them out. I love hearing your first impressions, so feel free to email me after you get to take a look. The gallery is a store, so you can place your order as you are viewing so it's an easy process.  With the LUXE Session you also have the option for me to come to your home to take your order. This is helpful for those who would like large wall art and custom design items so that I can measure your wall, show you options and make sure everything is just right for you. Once I receive payment you should have your portrait artwork in your hands in approximately two to three weeks.

Do you have samples of your cards, albums, and collages?
Sure do! And more designs are being added all the time.  I can’t wait to show you the beautiful albums and collages I have available. I will bring them to the session so that you can take a hands on look at how luxurious they are.  If you haven't emailed me yet about scheduling a session, please email me at

Do you do the yearbook picture too?
Yes! Most area schools simply request a head and shoulders professional photograph with proper dimensions and a neutral background. Since I am a natural light photographer, we won’t be going into a studio. While rare, I’ve heard of schools that require you to do the free sitting with the contracted chain studio for your one yearbook photo.  When schools want the chain studio picture it is usually no purchase required, one quick headshot picture, and free to you. If that is the case with your school, go ahead and do that free shot with the chain studio so that we can spend your photo session time doing the beautiful shots that capture the real you.

What should I wear?
Pinterest {CLICK HERE to see Senior Girl Ideas} is a wonderful source of finding fashionable outfit ideas and accessories. You can always bring several outfits to your session and I will help you pick out what will photograph well. Definitely put together your outfits well in advance and have a friend photograph you so you can see how it looks all pulled together. Make sure you have a few optional accessories should we need an extra something.