I'm so happy to be back to doing what I do best! Working with Connecticut high school seniors at a beautiful location, capturing their personality in a stunning photo to enjoy as artwork in your home.

I am booking both class of 2020 seniors who perhaps didn't get the chance to get an official senior portrait as well as the class of 2021! Please note that sessions will be done at a socially responsible distance, and will only take place on weeknights due to the parks reduced capacity and typical weekend early closures.

I'm very excited to share my new product catalog. I love being a photographer who delivers an exquisite final product. Over the years I've found the most beautiful albums, boxes, & wall art to offer my clients. It's my specialty to be able to offer this type of artwork that is only available to professional photographers. I want you to have heirloom artwork to last you a lifetime and not just leave you with a task of printing and creating something yourself. Your senior may not know yet how precious that album or framed print may be to her one day, but I know it will be long treasured.

Contact me if you would like your own copy of my catalog in the mail, or if you would like to peruse what I offer in an online version. I'd love to work with you, just 3 more slots open for the next two months!