These are the days we'll remember. That sounds so cliche, but right now we're all experiencing something out of the ordinary that we will never forget. Especially our high school seniors. It's already a memorable time with all the milestones that mark senior year; celebrating the culmination of twelve years of schooling and the entrance into adulthood.  Right now, some people are busier than ever, trying to go above and beyond with the extra protocol that the pandemic requires, and finding little time to pause. While others are finding more opportunities to ponder and reflect with their free time.

My senior clients and I are at different stages of life, yet I have a feeling some of our musings regarding life right now just might be similar. Several of my senior clients have had the time to be interviewed by me after their portrait session, so I've had a little glimpse into their thoughts on what the pandemic has made them realize. The common thread in those answers touches upon how this year has made them appreciate the importance of the people in their lives.

I was recently unexpectedly moved to tears by a music video that in my opinion sums up how even in challenging times, there can be true beauty in life if you look for it. Perhaps you have seen the new video "Holy" by Justin Bieber, featuring Chance the Rapper? The video portrays a couple who is suddenly down on their luck due to the global situation, but in the midst of their hardship they have what is true, good and holy in each other, friendship, and a warm meal. I'm not going to go into full detail because you just have to watch it.  

In times of uncertainty, that which is good & true seems to be so much more profound and moving. Have you found that as well? A baby announcement, a rare gathering of old friends, a loving hug from your mom, all made sweeter by their honesty.  Sometimes even simply gazing at a flower in full bloom can seem like a miracle. Certainly, seeing a portrait of your grown child who has blossomed into the man or woman they were born to become can have the same effect. Whatever fleeting true and full-of-beauty moments we can capture during this life, we should.

It was an honor to capture these portraits for this beautiful young lady. Thank you for taking the time to ponder the beauty of life alongside me today. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to email me or comment below. 

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