The perfect family of four. It's great working with repeat clients and friends because the kids just know the drill. Time to play and get silly! I met with my friend, talented artist Hannah for a lovely afternoon session with her very sweet family. Take a gander at these tender moments...
Hannah, If you could plan the perfect family day, what would it be?
The perfect family day for me would be for us to sleep late (anytime past 7 am!), pack a picnic, a few blankets, and head to beach for the day to lay in the sun, explore the shore, and be entertained by nature!

Favorite Season? 
Right now I would say my favorite season is spring- but I tend to look forward to each season during the one that preceeds it. I am glad I live in New England because we really get to experince them all- I kind of crave change!

Coffee or Tea?
Although I enjoy a good decaf latte form time to time-we are a tea household through and through! Donell tends toward the spicy chai, and I prefer fruity herbal varities.

Favorite Movie/Show? 
I have started watching cooking shows occasionally with the children (who watch a limited amount of regular TV)- and we are enjoying it even more than I had anticipated. The kids are partial to The Barefoot Contessa and The Pioneer Woman- they get particularly excited when the show features a sweet treat!

What is the most valuable lesson you hope to instill in your children?
I think that more than anything, I hope to instill love, compassion, and empathy in my children. With love, anything is possible. 
Thanks so much for letting me tell a part of your story, such an honor to capture these moments!