I get to photograph the most awesome high school seniors! We always spend the whole time laughing and I often hear, "I feel like I'm on America's Next Top Model!" It's always a blast. Introducing Maddi...

Hey Maddi, thanks so much for doing this little interview! What was your all time proudest moment as a senior? 
Reading my acceptance into my top college. It was very gratifying to see all my hard work pay off.

Who do you admire?
As cliche as it is, someone I really admire is my mother. She works so hard to achieve all her goals.
Where do you hope to be in a few years? 
Someday I am going to be an interpreter for the United Nations and live abroad.

What will you miss about being in High School?
I'll miss is competing as a Trojan and all the people- my teammates, coaches, teachers, and friends that have made these four years unforgettable.

What has been a memorable moment this year? 
One of the coolest moments of my senior year was being photographed by Denise Gammell Photography. Now I will have this year captured forever!

Did she rock these photos or what?! Gorgeous! In case you aren't familiar with what exactly a Senior Portrait Session entails please click over to my post {HERE} to learn the difference between a session with me and a plain old yearbook portrait. If you like the idea of a totally tailored fashion photo shoot in various locations, I'm your photographer.  Email me at denise@denisegammellphotography.com to book a session (now booking for Class of '14 Spring Senior Portrait Sessions).

Congratulations on reaching your goals Maddi! 
Your future is bright and shining!
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