Using a custom photographer is a luxury experience quite different from ordering pictures from a chain studio. A custom portrait that captures a sweet moment is unique and beautiful when displayed in the home.  I want my clients to understand how and where custom artwork can fit into your home and your life. Often we think of an 8x10 print as a large sized photograph. Technically an 8x10 is a "desk" sized print, fine for framing and setting atop a table or perhaps in a collage grouping on a wall but it really does not make the same statement because of its smaller size.  If you are investing in custom photography, it makes sense to invest in a larger portrait that will really knock your socks off.

So what "knocks your socks off" when it comes to portrait size you ask?  Imagine you walk into someone's home and your eye immediately is drawn to a family portrait from the other side of the room. That makes a statement so much more than someone having to walk OVER to the wall to see the portrait close up. Perhaps a visual will help...

 This 8x10 is pretty tiny right? Let's try something else..

Can you guess the sizes of these three gallery wrapped canvas? No, not an 11x14 either, those really aren't that much bigger than an 8x10. Above this standard sized sofa we have a 20x30 and on either side of it are two 16x20's. As you can see, this grouping has much more impact and really makes the space look stunning.

In my opinion, portrait photography is THE most important thing you can have on your walls to make a house a home. Go bigger for more visual impact. Part of my custom service is to help you with your wall design needs. I'm happy to take measurements in your home and design a visual for the room (or rooms) you have in mind so that you can be sure that your walls will look amazing once your custom artwork arrives for hanging. Click here for more ideas for your walls.