Senior year will be full of once in a lifetime moments that deserve celebrating! If we’ve learned anything throughout this pandemic, it’s that family is everything. We may be missing out on some fun things we are used to, but we can “romance the ordinary” and create memories we may not have previously taken the opportunity to create. That is a gift! 

Here are a few ways to make your senior’s portrait gallery reveal an extra special memory. Take what you like for your family. If you can, plan a special evening together as a family to view your photos. Don't peek at your gallery on your phone. They deserve to be viewed in a memorable way! It’s my hope that our seniors know how much everyone in their lives is wishing the very best for them. I hope these ideas assist you in making your senior feel loved.

Here is the top secret family plan!

1. Grab your senior’s favorite takeout but serve it on your fancy china that normally is reserved for special occasions that night for dinner. Toast in honor of your senior.

2.  Text an invitation to everyone in your family to “Meet in the living room at 7:30pm for a special celebration honoring ___ Fancy attire optional. Pen required”  

3. Dim the lamps and light some candles. Prepare the gallery on your largest screen for family viewing. 

4. Watch your gallery in the “Slideshow” option while playing some special music. Watch twice at least. Then have each family member complete the following sentence starters (free printable download here). Each family member will need a copy to write on.

5. Have tissues ready (tears are a good thing)! Once everyone has taken the time to write something about your senior from your free sentence starters, it's time to share the special words that you wrote aloud.

Enjoy your time together. These are the moments that count and strengthen us for whatever life has in store.