I had a perfect day with this amazing Connecticut High School Senior. We headed down to one of my favorite spots on the ocean for her senior portrait session. We got the perfect mix of beach shots and some classic garden shots for celebrating this very special and exciting time in her life. She added on some sister shots to her session as well. I'm so glad she agreed to answer a few fun interview questions.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed! To start, who is someone you really admire?
My sister! She has taught me determination and perseverance. I will always admire the hard work and dedication she puts into everything she does.

What is one of your dreams?
Hopefully to own my own restaurant!

What is something you did that made you feel proud? 
When I baked a wedding cake for a family friend!

Favorite season?
Summer!! I absolutely love going to the beach and traveling with my family!

Favorite food?

Favorite quote/saying?
“The sky will still be up there...the sun will always shine...the stars will keep on falling for the ones who wish at night”

Current favorite song and why?
"So Will I" by Ben Platt. This is the song I will be performing my senior solo to and it has such a positive message. It reminds me that although I might face times of struggle in my life, I have the power to turn them around and find my way back.

Something the pandemic has made you realize?

Not to take things for granted. It never occurred to me that we would ever be in a position that prevented us from seeing our friends/family. It made me realize that its the people in my life that make me the happiest!

What was it like having your portraits taken by Denise Gammell Photography?
"I absolutely loved working with Denise! From the day of my shoot, to the last meeting we had to select my pictures, she made me feel so special and comfortable. Her biggest concern was making sure that I felt confident and beautiful and that is exactly what she did. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Denise for my senior portraits! I could not be happier!”

Thank you again for agreeing to be interviewed! I enjoyed learning more about you and was thrilled to be a part of this once in a lifetime moment for you. It was truly an honor to get to know such an incredible young woman such as yourself! Your future is so bright!