Here are a few questions that will help you realize your style when it comes to clothing. Not only for your portrait session but it's just fun to brainstorm what your ideal style is. Journaling the following questions will help you discover your personal style.

1. Think of a few celebrities whose essence you resonate with. They don't have to be a movie star, just anyone in the lime light so you could easily see many of their style choices on the internet. Write down 4 of their names.

2. Think about whose closet you would love to raid? Could be anyone! I know I can think of a few people I follow on Instagram whose style I really admire. Write down 3 names. 

 3. What are the cities that best represent your style? (Write down 3 places that have the mood that you love)

4. How do you want to feel when you walk out the front door? (Write down 3-5 adjectives) 

5. How do you want to feel when you run into someone you admire/look up to? (Write down 3-5 adjectives) 

6. What are you wearing on a Thursday afternoon? 

7. What are you wearing on a Saturday date night? 

8. What outfit would make you feel successful? 

9. What outfit would make you feel romantic? 

10. You swoon when you see this item in a shop window or on pinterest! 

11. You would love it if someone described your personal style as... now call or text  a friend and ask them for three adjectives that they think describe your personal style! 


Finally, add some images to your journal pages about your personal style to remind you of what you love and want to aspire to. It's fun to create a pinterest board about your dream wardrobe or perhaps cut out images from your favorite clothing catalogue. If you want to think more about how to only wear clothing you love, consider a capsule wardrobe. Then slowly build up pieces that you adore and can get a lot of use out of.  

Of course trends change and that is part of the fun. Explore styles you love and see what works best for your personality and body type. Many high school students rely on their peers for ideas for what to wear. I challenge you to look around to others in your life who have had a chance to develop a unique style. I'm sure you've stumbled across influencers who dress like they are from a past decade and really rock the look.  Some of the most stunning people I've seen are striking simply because of their clothing choices and how they carry themselves. It has nothing to do with weight, age, etc. it's more a confident frame of mind that makes such a statement. 


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