Five Connecticut Class of 2022 high school seniors will be chosen as "Big Dreams Senior Portrait Winners!"  I am pleased to award five, Class of 2022 seniors who shine bright a $150 portrait order credit along with some extra surprise bonuses in your order. Enter today and expect to see some further information in your email inbox within 1 business day. If this blog post is up, lucky you- the opportunity is still open! The five seniors have been selected. Thank you!

My senior portrait sessions cater to seniors with big dreams! When Connecticut high school teens book their senior pictures with Denise Gammell Photography, they are mailed a Senior Portrait magazine along with a questionnaire that asks some fun questions about what is meaningful to them personally. This helps me know what to say to them right before snapping a picture in order to capture what lights up that senior. The most beautiful, meaningful heirloom artwork results out of these portraits of the senior envisioning their hopes and dreams in their mind at the time of the photograph. 

“The future belongs to those 

who believe in the beauty 

of their dreams.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

Simply enter your information in the form below for your chance to be selected as one of the five Connecticut seniors! Double check that you filled out each required question (Correct PHONE number is important) and scroll down to the submit button for your chance to enter. Opportunity now closed.  I look forward to hearing about your big dreams! -Denise Gammell