Senior portraits and senior portrait photographers are as varied as they come in style. Perhaps if you haven't found the right photographer yet, you aren't so sure that the senior portrait experience is that necessary since many consumer cameras and even phones take decent shots now. Here are my top reasons why you should not miss out on a senior portrait experience with a professional photographer.

Reason #1: Graduating is a huge deal and deserves to be celebrated with professional pictures. 

    If you think about it, how many times in life do we get to be celebrated by everyone we love? In all honesty, you can count those events on one hand! This is a time when everyone is proud of you and wants to see you shine. If you skip this thinking, "I'll probably get a professional portraits when I get married or have kids some day." you miss out on getting a portrait that celebrates you at this moment with all the goals and excitement you have in your mind. The other portraits are great too, but aren't all about just you alone, and those events aren't guaranteed in life. You are only graduate high school ONE TIME EVER. It's a momentous time in life, so hire the best photographer you can for the occasion. 

Reason #2: Senior portraits will be a forever treasure. 

    Remember, this is not the portrait of you against a blue backdrop in the yearbook. It's also not a selfie!! If you work with a talented photographer who listens to your hopes and dreams, this is a portrait that stands for who you are and who you are becoming. The style, location, and products have been selected to create a portrait of you that embodies who you are at your core and at your very best. A skilled and caring photographer will be thrilled to celebrate you and capture those shots of you feeling proud of your accomplishments. The portraits will be commemorated in keepsake artwork that will stand the test of time. I for one still have a professional portrait of myself that I love more now than I did when I got it. It represents all my hard work and in my shining eyes I can see the excitement I have for my future. Now that I'm living that future, my portrait inspires me to make that "younger me" proud and go after all my big dreams represented in that portrait. 


Reason #3: Graduating is a big milestone for parents as well. 

    Most of the clients that I work with know that their son or daughter will enjoy the experience of the photo shoot, and they purchase an extra album and a portrait for them. However, most of the order for senior portraits is for the family home, parents, and grandparents. The wall art portraits that grace the walls while the senior is away at college is something I am so pleased to offer families feeling the sting of that empty spot at the kitchen table for the first time. I've been told by parents that they didn't know how much the portraits would make their heart sing! One mother told me, "I'd wake up and think about how Anna was away at college and just get this heavy feeling of dread. Then, I'd stumble downstairs to get my coffee and see her huge amazing smiling portrait and then that feeling vanished and I'd actually smile and be excited for all that lay ahead for Anna. I'm so thankful for those beautiful portraits that make my heart sing daily!" Senior portraits are a worthwhile investment that you'll enjoy for decades. 

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