So when do most high school seniors get their portrait done? Is there a "busy season" for high school senior pictures? As a photographer who specializes in senior portraits, I get asked these questions all the time. In reply I ask some personally directed questions for the one getting their portraits done. What is your favorite season? What type of clothing makes you feel your best? When it comes to custom photography, we aren't just planning a portrait session in time for the yearbook deadline. That isn't the point. Our goal is a portrait of you that will outlive the high school yearbook. A portrait that will be proudly displayed in your home, and inspire you with the dreams you held at this exciting time in your life, for the rest of your life! 


Once that is explained, we get a sense of the big picture (pun intended). Many Connecticut seniors are still required to have a yearbook portrait done with the chain studio the school has contracted with during the school day in the fall. This is not the case in other states. This "yearbook sitting" is completely separate from what I do as a custom portrait photographer. So, since there is no yearbook deadline to content with, many seniors simply pick a time that works best for them. I work with plenty of seniors who are too busy in the fall with college visits, sports, jobs, and school activities to also schedule portraits; so they schedule in the spring when they feel more relaxed about where they are headed to once they graduate.  


The seniors who want sundresses by the beach, obviously schedule with me the summer before their senior year. The seniors who love the fall aesthetic and want to be photographed in layers and cardigans with the colorful fall foliage will reserve a portrait session slot months in advance for October. Let's face it, most families are busy and don't often schedule their sessions months in advance, so October is often the busiest season for family and portrait photographers in Connecticut and all over New England. Photographers are typically working with the families who scheduled in advance, and often squeezing in those who are requesting a last minute session slot. 


Lastly, I have a senior questionnaire that gets to the heart of what seniors are really hoping for in a portrait. If you know you'd like to book a session with Denise Gammell Photography, but aren't at all sure if you'd like to schedule for the spring, summer, or fall, that is okay too! Once you complete the questionnaire, it will provide insights into your personality and style and from there we can collaborate on the month and location that would best work for you. 

Now booking Connecticut High School Senior Pictures Class of 2023! Contact me today to grab your senior portrait time slot, sessions go quickly and are scheduled in advance.

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